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The ATP Energy of the Rhea last longer than other meats

Over 20 years ago we found something unique and wonderful in rhea meat. The energy, called ATP in biology, didn't fade like the energy in other meats. The situation was so unique the test was designed to last only 30 seconds. In that 30 seconds, the ATP energy in other meats is substantially depleted so a longer test is unnecessary. In the rhea it was sustained for more than twice that, decreasing gradually instead of plummeting like other meat. This is what makes Rhea Extract Food Energy Supplement so special.

In 1999 a research paper was published in "Nature"  describing a study done on rheas trained to run on a treadmill while their metabolic rates were being recorded.   These exhibited an unusual capacity for increasing their metabolic rates on a par with highly athletic mammals like the coyote, wolf, and pony.  What makes this so extraordinary is these birds are considered passive animals who spend their time grazing.  Their ability to increase their metabolic rate exceeded that of migrating birds, the marathon runners of the animal world.  (Bundle, M., ,H., Vock, R., Tester, J., Weyand, P., Vol 397, January 7, 1999)

So, why did this bird have such a high metabolic capacity?  That was the question.  Using Darwinian Medicine: Future Medicine where the Symptoms are an Expression of the Body’s Attempt to Heal Itself, we had to marry two problems:

  1. It was impossible to raise the chicks reliably.  They would often succumb to a disturbing, global disorder called  Fading Chick Syndrome or Rubber Rhea Syndrome.  For a full discussion see: Why is the Rhea Special? Patents and Articles
  2. We originally distributed rhea extract capsules to other membersof the national rhea association in 1996.  We were inundated with unsolicited calls and letters from people detailing how wonderful the product was for a variety of concerns. 

We finally found the answer to both questions in something called the ATP Pathway, which describes how energy flows in the body.  The chicks were dying of exposure to environmental toxins in what we referred to as accelerated autoimmune disorders.  The infant chicks were being poisoned by chemicals and foods we routinely use such as bleach, pesticides, WD-40, solvents, paint, germicides, smoke and other fumes, and ultimately grains.   Cartoon: How Energy Flows through the Body like it Flows through a Car.