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Pet Perk 2 oz.

Pet Perk 2 oz.

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Pet Perk is 100% meat from the South American Ostrich.  The 2-ounce size is about a  30 day supply for a 25-pound dog.  A starter dose of 1/4 tsp per day, sprinkled on the food, works for most dogs and cats 15-25 pounds.   You may increase the dose if you want.

They may feel peppy and ready to run.  Be careful, especially with sedentary animals or animals with joint pain.  Increase exercise gradually to prevent soreness from overworking out-of-shape muscles.

A letter we received:

7 year old female German Shepherd with Hip Dysplasia
Sierra was very active until her 6th year.   Over a year she degenerated to the point where standing up was slow and painful accompanied by whimpering.  Her activity had decreased so she no longer ran or played with the neighborhood children.

Chondroitin sulfate did not offer relief, so they gave Pet Perk a try.  Halfway through the second bottle the dog was once again bouncing with energy and showed no signs of pain.

The special ingredient  is 100% Rhea Meat Extract .  That is all.

For pets in a highly palatable powder 1/2 tsp per 40 pounds per day sprinkled on food.   The perfect energy food supplement for old dogs and cats, pets with arthritis, hip dysplasia diabetes, or obesity.  The extraordinary protein is a boon for nursing mothers and dogs dealing recovering from broken bones or surgery .

Keep container closed and out of the reach of your pets or they will consume the whole jar immediately.  
Cats are especially crafty.  Although it will not harm them, you may have a very hyperactive animal for a while.  

Your pet may show increased perkiness within a few days.  If your pet has been a couch potato, increase exercise gradually.  Just like a person, they can overdo the exercise and end up stiff and sore.  Available as Jurassic Energy for people.

Pet perk is made from the meat of the Rhea, or South American Ostrich.  

The rhea is a pastoral grazing bird that cannot fly.  But, when it so chooses, the Rhea can run at speeds of 40 mph an hour.  It has an amazing capacity to increase its rather sedentary metabolism to simulate the aerobic scope of some of the most athletic mammals: the wolf, coyote, and pony. This latent aerobic capacity is 1.5 times greater than the highest values reported for other birds, including the marathon runners of the bird world, the migratory birds.   

Just as body builders use whey protein to provide fuel for their muscles, Pet Perk provides energy fuel for your pet.  The rhea meat is a very, very powerful meat in a form your pets will love.  
Rhea meat is high in the energy molecule of the body, ATP.  Plus, the ATP in rhea is sustained.  It lasts much longer that other meat ATP.