" /> Energy Food Supplements for People and Pets. Youre going to love the way you feel! Exclusive, patented 100% Meat-based from a bird with a remarkable energy capacity. Discovered over 20 years ago.
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Want to see your old dog play again?

Be careful not to overdo it or they could end up a

bit sore from too much exercise!

There is nothing in Pet Perk but 100% rhea meat extract from

pasture-raised rhea birds, a South American ostrich.

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Our patent describing the link between toxins and autoimmune disorders.  

US Patent #5,989,594 

Ratite Extracts as Therapeutic Agents

In our attempt to solve the high mortality issues of rhea chicks the research path revealed an unseen link between toxins of all kinds and the "disease" killing the chicks. The disease was acutally a poisoning, an accelerated autoimmune disorder. What takes less than 2 weeks in the chicks evolves over years in people.

Twenty-five years of frustrating research led to a final patent(pending) showing how to raise the chicks.