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Darwinian Medicine: 
Future Medicine where the Symptoms are an Expression of the Body’s Attempt to Heal Itself

So, what initiates the symptoms in the first place?

Standard medical practices attempt to eradicate the symptoms with drugs and therapies specific for the symptoms. In Darwinian or evolutionary medicine, symptoms are recognized to be the body attempting to treat itself with components at the site of pain. Muscle proteins in wasting disorders, and collagen proteins in arthritis and connective tissue disorders are examples of the body failing to replace the components it is using to treat itself. We are erroneously calling these diseases autoimmune disorders: diseases where the body is attacking itself. This is backwards to the evolutionary principle of survival of the fittest and really has no basis in science other than faulty assumption of scientists. An innate system of slow suicide should not have stood the rigors of evolution.

By reverse engineering, the disease is diagnosed and treated based on how the body is treating itself. Adipose depletion and muscle depletion serve as a mechanism to literally self-medicate the afflicted animal with the adipose and muscle. This has proven to be the case with the ratite wasting syndromes: they are attempting to access various muscle components that can be utilized to bind toxins and hopefully, help restore homeostasis, if the toxin is removed.

However, in our environment the toxins are so pervasive the body is not succeeding in conquering the offending invader, an inanimate toxin. By applying Darwinian Medicine we augment the body’s choice of self-treatment with more of the same from an outside source, in this case, the ratite extract. The application of this system is very broad, encompassing many typically difficult to treat disease conditions under the standard symptom-response of allopathic medicine. Rather than attempting to eradicate the symptoms, Darwinian Medicine recognizes the symptoms as a useful clue to designing a treatment based on the body’s choice.

Darwinian Medicine also goes one step farther to find the causative agent that would produce that specific set of symptoms, providing answers to the question: "What causes the symptoms in the first place?"